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Parker’s Driving Challenge APK Download by Play With Games - Android Racing Games
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Parker’s Driving Challenge 1.0

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Parker’s Driving Challenge APK Download by Play With Games - Android Racing Games

Parker’s Driving Challenge – You will play the role of a chauffeur Parker- faithful Penelope; you will have to do the task as attractive as flying, driving do the task correctly, the parking … against the evil plot of the Hood.

Not only that you use your car for a long time, but you will also have to upgrade your vehicle in the laboratory to be able to fly, engines, capable of quick launch and even a monster truck version it has impressive features and fierce appearance.

Parker’s Driving Challenge

3 Types Tasks That You Will Complete

You will take on driving missions given to you by Lady Penelope and The Mission Control to prevent Hood from the end of your plan!

PRECISION PARKING: Parking you have correctly so as not to damage your car, Lady Penelope would not be happy if you fail the mission, so you need to learn the skills, manipulating a major way determined to do the task. You operate the vehicle when the vehicle upgrade, to do more sophisticated tasks. The Hood will not make you concentrate when you learn, so you must be on high alert.

Parker’s Driving Challenge

HUNT THE HOOD: Locate and chasing The Hood in the mission to capture the car with high speed. In any way you want, you have to win your opponent in the ramp-rescue drama, speed.

SEARCH & RECOVERY: Use your radar to search for items Search & Rescue Mission. Find and pick up everything as quickly as possible to earn more research your wits! Can you find the fastest way to restore everything?

Parker’s Driving Challenge


Lab visits Brains’ to unlock upgrades for your car Complete Missions to earn funding research – the faster you pass the Missions, the more money you will get. You constantly get new skills, new features unique to upgrade your car.

SAVE THE WORLD: The Hood is building a giant machine, which is designed to channel all the energy of the sun into his evil hands. Only you can save the day!

Step into the driver’s seat and show you have what it takes to prevent The Hood …

Parker’s Driving Challenge

The features included in this Game

  • You will be Parker! A celebrity with cars Thunderbirds FAB
  • You perform tasks such as driving, car chase, the search missions
  • Opponents winning the hood all the way
  • Park and Fly, Weave your way through 40 missions driver
  • 100% free to play two people together, No Strings Attached!
  • Several ward control (Tilt, Buttons, Steering Wheel)
  • Everal different game modes (including Bonnet Cam)
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