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Neon Chrome APK Download by 10tons Ltd - Android Shooter Games
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Neon Chrome

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Neon Chrome APK Download by 10tons Ltd - Android Shooter Games

Neon Chrome – is a game developed will be widely applied across multiple devices, smartphones and PC are a typical example for that. With extremely graphic style personality and style combat relentless blizzard, Neon Chrome promises to give you the fiery experience on smartphones. Reportedly, the game is expected to release on consoles and PC, in addition to being released for mobile devices using the iOS operating system, Android.

Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome is a shooter with views straight down from above. The work of each player participating in the game is to perform tasks based infiltrate and destroy all enemy there. By the weapons equipped, the player will have to calculate every move, every shot to avoid injury and defeat monsters, weapons equipped monster.

Besides, you can see that by Neon Chrome is designed based 3D graphics so although the top-right to bottom makes everything becomes very small, but the details are very clear, vivid. Thus, players will get a very wide range of observers and extensive enough to offer a reasonable tactic. Also, the physical effects promise to give players the drastic action that shakes the screen.

Neon Chrome

Furthermore, when engaging in Neon Chrome, players will not be the only one that will have a lot of characters to choose from before participating in each mission. Gunmen which games will bring in their offers advantages and disadvantages, the ability to make its calculations players more diverse, more interesting.

Set in a future world with the technology boom, Neon Chrome let you join a hacker cum consular missions killer broke into the headquarters of the group Neon Chrome. With the ability to take up the various bodies throughout the journey, the player deep into the base of the conglomerate and the hand’s spooky extrajudicial Overseer ringleader.

Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome plot of complicated circumstances because of the game only a single goal, which is to shoot and shoot. Throughout the length of practice, players will constantly be moving and firing at a lot of enemies in the level of flood. From the giant battleship to a large army, from the firing shotgun shine until madness firing rifles, Neon Chrome will make your hands do not rest even for a minute to draft.

Neon Chrome’s features also lie on the design map. Each time your character dies or has to play from the beginning, all structural levels of the game will automatically change as you step into a whole new experience. Besides, gamers will also have the opportunity to accumulate bonuses every time you kill an enemy, allowing enhanced index, purchasing weapons or upgrade the machinery of the body.

Neon Chrome

If you do not want to solo the test of Chrome Neon, gamers also have the right in parallel with three other players. Photos four gunmen with bombs flood the screen, fighting bravely with a large number of enemies, is something that all people want to step into the world of Neon Chrome. Neon Chrome will become a wonderful gift that no one can ignore if they like the game action, suspense epitomized and excitement.


  • A game is exciting, active for gamer; extremely graphic style
  • You can play solo or with others
  • The game content is good


  • Have to concentrate while you playing game in long time
  • You need much time for completing game levels
  • A smartphone that is enough good for running game smoothly
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