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Modern Combat Versus 0.14.3

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Modern Combat Versus APK Download by Gameloft - Android FPS Games

Modern Combat Versus is a focused shooter, played online between gamers. Struggling and will be released by the manufacturer as a Free-to-play game.

In the sequel to this hit shooter series, instead of paralleling the Single and Multiplayer Plates, Modern Combat Versus will focus solely on the Online battle. Accordingly, players will have to use all their ability as well as their ingenuity to win against other players.

Modern Combat Versus

Once launched, Modern Combat Versus will have 12 agents to choose from based on four main classes including Assassin and Attacker, Defender, Specialist. In it, Attacker can attack extremely powerful; Defender rewards teammates for their ability to minimize damage, health, and defense. Next is Assassin’s great damage, but blood is easily destroyed. Finally, the Specialist has the ability and unique weapons to use depending on the combat situation.

Modern Combat Versus

Each character in Modern Combat Versus can be customized for weapons, skins, symbols, and upgrades. The player will need Core Charges to activate the special abilities of the character that can be acquired through the gameplay experience. 10 Core Charges can be used at the same time, and each ability can demand different amounts of Core Charges.

Modern Combat Versus

In the launch phase of the soft-launch version, Modern Combat Versus will feature a 4v4 battle mode, where each team will team up to control critical areas on the map. What’s more, the game also has five large maps with many unique locations called Apex, Sandstorm, Port, Blackrock, and Slums.

Like the previous games, the Modern Combat Versus control system puts the left key to move character and sprint by holding one direction, while the right side is dedicated to observing impulses. Round and round shooting by “double tap.” The special abilities of the characters will be activated by a middle button below the touch screen.

Modern Combat Versus

In the past, many people have been very disappointed and strongly condemned the issue of “pay” in many games before. Therefore, the manufacturer promised there would be no “pay” to win as well as power system, even though Modern Combat Versus is a Free-to-Play game.


  • Graphics of beautiful game
  • Attractive play mode, play online
  • Many skills and accessories are included, upgrading the power of the player


  • Graphics require a highly configurable computer to run the game smoothly
  • There will be the phenomenon of network jerky, lag when the internet connection is weak
  • Players will have to spend some time mastering basic skills
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