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MapleStory 2 APK Download by NEXON - Android Role Playing Games
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MapleStory 2 APK Download by NEXON - Android Role Playing Games

MapleStory 2 – For players used to love Maple Story 1 – an online game ever to be released in many countries before, the upgraded version of its full worth is Maple Story 2 was to hand many gamers when publishers put market.

As felt by many gamers, the MapleStory 2 is a very interesting game with a lot of content for gamers to explore. Especially the maps in the game are very large with many spinoffs, or the multiplayer side, helping gamers always get the feeling like to experience new gameplay.

MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 is released very open, unlike many other games from Korea, where this game was not locked IP, not even required to activate the account, so the gamer is very easy to participate without the expense account.

But the account is not enabled to note that they will be limited playtime, can not log in to MapleStory 2 during night time in Korea, respectively in each country about which we have the time different games for the gamer.

MapleStory 2

Since being introduced to date, MapleStory 2 received the attention of many gamers around the world by way of non-target action games with extremely interesting combos, players are virtually controlled characters move, launching attacks in the game. With that as background animated graphics so cute and equally beautiful.

World of MapleStory 2 is built in blocks, checkered in all areas on the map. Gameplay in the transition from a game played according to a horizontal screen action game environment 3D.Trong full course of play, gamers can be damaging to the environment as you like.

MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 gameplay in purely non-target action where players can perform combo attacks continuously through the hot key on the keyboard. You should note that almost all players control characters move, launching attacks in the game via the keyboard. Of course, players can use the mouse, but mainly for the selection of accessories icon and select favorite characters. You discover it; I believe it will be an attractive game for you. When you play with friends, you will see a very great.

MapleStory 2


  • Cute characters, beautifully animated graphics
  • Gameplay content, diverse gameplay and attract the gamers.
  • Multiple characters to change, associated accessories are diverse characters
  • Play online between multiple players together; there are many levels and the other sub-player


  • Take time for the players to beginners
  • Graphics have much-improved graphics only inadequate
  • You must have a stable internet connection to play enough
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