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Major GUN: War on terror APK Download - Android Shooting Games
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Major GUN: War on terror 3.9.4

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Major GUN: War on terror APK Download - Android Shooting Games

Major GUN: War on terror is an exciting online action-packed 3D action game. You will play terrorists, crazy people, and other evil people. You have discovered an epidemic of the world today. And you will fight the world infection with the deadly virus, and shoot everything evil. You have to kill and destroy everything evil. You will need a shop to collect a variety of powerful firearms for you: machine guns, rifles, pistols, grenades, sniper rifles … You will fight evil criminals in places like Harbor, subways, oilfields … The game will be addictive by the fun, and powerful gameplay style.

Major GUN: War on terror

You need to improve your skills to deal with the terrorist situation. You need to upgrade your arsenal and choose the right guns from sniper rifles, assault rifles and heavy machine guns. You test your skills and fight against all enemies. You need to shoot, kill and blow all your way. You will explore the war in a variety of locations, environments, and explosions. You will fight the boss and unlock in many locations. Each stage is designed in a wonderful 3D environment in the style of comic art interesting, attractive.

Major GUN: War on terror

The game has over 100 engaging missions. You will fight in the area of the enemy and rescue hostages in the attack. You check the speed and accuracy in existence mode, see who is the best in FPS Sniper Mode, try to complete the super special hard ops or challenge the ultimate meat and kill the boss.

Major GUN: War on terror

The game is a shooting game with weapons system extremely terrible for Android. The game has a plot revolving around the story of terrorists who crossed the border and came to your country. They always find ways to terrorize and threaten the national security of the country you are living in. You are the elite warrior of the army, and your mission is to get weapons and participate in the fight against terrorism to regain peace for your country. Only you can stop them.

Major GUN: War on terror

Major GUN: War on terror Features:

  • Free download
  • Easy to play but it’s very hard to win.
  • Many exciting tasks
  • Different upgrades and bonuses
  • HD and 3D graphics with great sound effects
  • Dynamic and great lighting effects
  • Worldwide Leaderboards
  • Regular updates with new features
  • Connect with friends worldwide
  • Join the team to fight with friends
  • Character customization system is unique and diverse.
  • Challenge your shooting skills in stressful situations
  • Destroy a variety of unique enemies and full of barbarians.
  • Complete the Daily Challenge to gather experiences and powerful weapons.
  • Search and collect first aid kits and adrenaline
  • Collect up to 3 stars for each completed task.
  • Discover the best 30 weapons including 4 handguns, 6 machine guns, 8 assault rifles, 4 pistols, heavy machine guns (including miniguns), 4 sniper rifles
  • Upgrade All Weapons and Buy a full range of items such as ammunition or special sets of weapons.
  • Discover many special locations in some thrilling areas like the harbor, the subway station, the hot desert!
  • Take part in special activities such as sniper missions and survival; Find and destroy dangerous bosses; Find a target, shoot, kill, receive comrades; Protect the hostages; Prevent nuclear weapons from blasting.
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