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Knight Slinger APK Download by GAMEVIL - Android Role Playing Games
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Knight Slinger 1.3.2

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Knight Slinger APK Download by GAMEVIL - Android Role Playing Games

Knight Slinger – Recently, the major game makers Gamevil Korea officially released Knight Slinger – a type of RPG game combines the familiar style, promises to be a very attractive game for young people.

If you’re looking for a game with a unique play style, not too intense, but not too long for the contents of the story, the Knight Slinger is a perfect choice. With the legendary playing style, combined with the character factor into making Slinger Knight became a curious name, appealing to casual gamers and hardcore gaming line.

This combination not only new Slinger Knight but with the release, supported by a large manufacturer of Korea, the game is sure to bring many more differences. Besides, the game has many different language versions for gamers to experience comfort and explore the attractive features of this game.

Knight Slinger

Join the Knight Slinger; you will be integrated into the story of the passionate goddess of power, conspiracy to destroy and dominate the world. With six different character classes, you can use your warriors to shoot and penetrate into the ranks of the enemy. Each character class can attack and move separately. Knight explorers can Slinger alliance with the people with sticks, Swordsman, Mage, Gladiators or Gunners to bring justice to the land of Oratoria.

Knight Slinger

Besides the single-player space style but equally challenging, Knight also owns Slinger stunning 3D graphics along with character designs are very beautiful and meticulous. The innovative engine also allows players to experience the smoothest motion in the game. The sound in the game is also invested carefully for explanations and words specific to each character.

Knight Slinger gives gamers a collection of nearly 500 militants to the Knights of the Light Division and goddess Moira to jointly fight against the evil forces. There are many ways to enhance the power of each warrior, causing gamers to invest their intelligence to build their armies to suit each game mode.

Knight Slinger

By combining multiple elements in a game, Knight Slinger is probably a hard game for gamers like to skip the competition, vying with each other for achievement, the victory of your direct competitors. Because in addition to the single player mode, Slinger Knight also owns both PvP mode in real time and the system is programmed by computer control. The game modes are also varied from Arena mode, the explorer mode and difficult challenges in the Magic Tower.

Thanks to the 3D image that the game you will look very beautiful, rich sound and gameplay content mix attracts many factors helped Knight Slinger game became a perfect choice for those who love this style of gaming. You will get the exiting times while you playing game with your friend, partners.

Knight Slinger


  • Compelling game modes, more competition among players together
  • Multiple character classes, skills, and accompanying accessories after the character
  • Style light entertainment
  • Sponsored by renowned game publisher


  • Suitable for players on the smartphone rather than on PC
  • if you like the game has depth, elaborates on this picture, the game does not suit you.
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