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Jelly Copter APK Download by Kiloo - Android Arcade Games
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Jelly Copter 1.1.1304

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Jelly Copter APK Download by Kiloo - Android Arcade Games

Jelly Copter – Flap, fly, and flee in your freedom, but look out! You can’t survive if crashing into the blocks in front! In Jelly Copter, you must flap all the way to the final victory and fight others’ scores to be the champion – it sounds interesting, right? If so, hurry to try this cool one-handed arcade game by Kiloo for the ultimate flappy fun!

Jelly Copter

Over 10 funny ingame characters

You’re going to collect every wacky character showing up in the game. From the start, the player only has Jelly Copter since the others are locked, so your task here is to unlock more badass characters with as many tokens as possible.

  • Pizza turtle – 10 tokens
  • Smelly cat – 5 tokens
  • Battering ram – 30 tokens
  • Cheeseburger – 50 tokens
  • Buzz off – 50 tokens

Jelly Copter

Officer sprinkles – 100 tokens …and more!

The game owns a horde of funny 2D characters, and yes it’s the developers who have taken us to such a fantasy where we can encounter the hottest figures and amazing sweets. The game sometimes reminds us of Chicken Jump, but you have to tap on the display to rise or fall.

Collect many sweets of your desire

You just don’t know that it’s so easy to get the game characters and sweets. Sure enough, there is an infinite number of efforts is available to every player, for such a thing, it’s not necessary to spend your penny. Let’s join the world ranking and earn your unique awards.

Besides, it’s acceptable to avail Jelly Copter hacked if you want to eat a lot of sweets. They’re the most handed for you to purchase the most desired figures. Feel free to try again several times, and your attempts can go up tens and even more. Lastly, you can break a record and get the unique prize.

Jelly Copter

Unlock new characters with Tokens

Nothing is important than tokens – they’re known as the key for all players to unlock stronger characters. To gain many tokens, you must complete your missions, by using the spin wheel so that you can have a chance to grab a few cool in-game rewards, such as Revive Token.

Simple yet addictive control system

With Jelly Copter, once pressing the game screen, we can make the helicopter fly up high, and once we stop doing that, it falls at once. This makes the game control simpler yet more interesting than others. To gain as many candies as possible, you need to pass through the stages fast and wisely.

Jelly Copter

Countless tasks in a colorful 2D game

Since Jelly Copter is an arcade game genre, which enables players to freely adjust their great plane, and they obviously need to try their best to fly it as far as they can. The issue here is that the whole scenario asks them to fly and flap through the obstacles because if we run into them, the game will be over!

You need to collect as many glories as you can as well as knock down other high scores of your friends. And remember to dodge any surprising obstacle, such as stinking cheese in a fantastic colorful planet.

Enjoy your fun journey with Jelly Copter and see how long you can survive the crash! Make a difference and challenge yourself!

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