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Island Delta APK Download by Noodlecake - Android Adventure Games
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Island Delta 1.2.4

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Island Delta APK Download by Noodlecake - Android Adventure Games

Island Delta – A Puzzling Adventure Combo That Can Make You Go Wild This Year!

Island Delta – Are you hungry for a challenging puzzler combined perfectly with adventure now? Island Delta is surely the best candidate that is worth playing this time, when showing all players a retro-futuristic world filled up with the hottest heroes and an action adventure platform waiting for you to explore it to the fullest!

Island Delta

Island Delta is a good brain teaser for puzzle addicts!

Not only famous as rumored, but the game is also a treasure for those who go crazy about solving puzzles. More than puzzles, Island Delta offers an exciting adventure that consists of different stages, different levels, and different missions that you have to go through by your own! But more interestingly, every level owns a set of objectives that need completed before you reach the next one.

Equipped with superpower anti-gravity weapons to defeat enemies!

All 3 chapters spread out the game, which appears to make the story more vivid to watch and follow till the end. Don’t miss a chance to discover this futuristic universe again with the coolest heroes who are equipped with anti-gravity weapons, Zoe and Baxter. This is also a great time to immerse yourself into a fierce rescue mission that you’ve alway waited! Are you ready to confront with the evil Doctor Gunderson and his minions?

Island Delta

Brand new bonus levels are unlocked with hidden collectibles!

Island Delta still owns a large number of hidden treasures that you may want to have a quick glance at, so be quick to access and win nonstop stages, gamers. What’s more fun here is how you could play it at your own pace, since there’s no time limit here and you could always access objectives at the menu screen of the game.

Island Delta

Beautiful graphic through different cutscenes that are worth to watch!

Pretty nice and cool graphic through every cutscene with a nice storyline is what every gamer desire about this game genre. It’s fun to watch after finishing a mission or a chapter. Every perspective of Island Delta is just brilliant in 3-D, which reminds you of some games like Space Marshals 2 or Neon Chrome. Unexpectedly, the game’s color ranges are witnessed beautifully, ranging from  gloomy to bright hues.

Island Delta

What makes Island Delta so addictive?

  • Absolutely best action-filled puzzles
  • Be a hacker who breaks security system and facilities
  • Amazing and appealing storyline with a great sense of humor
  • 3 exciting chapters with more than 30 levels
  • Be an adventurer and a collector to gain more precious collectibles
  • Original and beautiful soundtrack
  • High-quality graphic gaming environments
  • An international app with iCloud support

Want something more tricky? Island Delta is totally worth your money and playing this year. It has all, from puzzles, traps to a bunch of tough enemies to deal with. Let’s follow Zoe and Baxter, who are the two bravest protagonists deciding to discover the mystical island, governed by the evil Dr. Gunderson. Hurry to play it with your brother and go wild through different puzzles at various levels!

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