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Injustice 2 APK Download by Warner Bros - Android Fighting Games
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Injustice 2 1.8.1

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Injustice 2 APK Download by Warner Bros - Android Fighting Games

Injustice 2 is reborn this year with new moves and combat changes

Following the sequel, “Injustice 2”, the new fighting game of Warner Bros is launched with a hope of becoming the next breakout gaming trend that can turn all eyes to it only this year. Enter the world of fighters, which means that you let every battle define you, so wait no more to prove your mettle in a blockbuster-based fighting game!

Let every battle define you with 3-on-3 fighting actions!

Unlike the previous version, Injustice 2 could drive all fighters crazy as it comes to the combat system that is made more vividly with the immediate effects of tweaks. Not just brand new warriors joining the battles and amazing moves, the game almost surpasses its predecessor because of a more unique and thoughtful experience the player will have during the play.

Injustice 2

Guide your Heroes and Villains to the Victory through a touch-based gameplay!

It’s not a lie to claim Injustice 2 is worth playing even at the first look, especially when the game gets heavily upgraded from its original with the most awesome modes, appearances and fighting styles to make you fight like never before. For the very first time, players freely adjust or control how their own fighters look, get in the battle and level up across a great number of game modes.

Injustice 2

Big choices of DC Super Heroes/Super Villains to recruit and build up the squad!

Get your characters personalized now with the most badass gears collected throughout the game stages. The special thing about the game this time is how you can play from the epic DC roster ever, which would make you never forget, from the most classic heroes to the modern ones: Batman, Superman, Aquaman to the brand new fighters like Gorilla Grodd or Atrocitus.

Injustice 2

Level up fast and unlock your new talents on the path of saving the Earth!

Owning more ways to establish, power up and pass through the roster of Super Heroes, Injustice 2 is another Card Collector game based on the mobile platform allowing the players to explore their new talents, and to increase health, skills and strength points. Don’t miss a chance of upgrading your own Heroes so that you can craft them to become the strongest fighters ever.

Injustice 2

Join the fierce battles through iconic arenas across the hottest areas!

The game continues the unforgettable cinematic plot that was introduced in Injustice: Gods Among Us. At this point, Batman squad work hard to mend every piece of society back together while fighting against the ones who desire to restore the old regime of Superman. In this hard-to-explain chaos, another threat shows up that suddenly put the whole world in danger. But what excites the players most is nothing than a great number of arenas spreading across the coolest locations: Atlantis, Metropolis or Gotham City.

Not all of the fighting games will become a breakthrough success, and even some of them failed to attract the players. But with Injustice 2, the game is not just about fighting but also a hit that owns a rush of vibrancy and excitement when you can role-play all your favorite DC characters, join the battles, earn many great in-game items and enjoy a deep story mode. That’s why you should get ready, ding ding, and fight!

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