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Heir of Light APK Download by GAMEVIL - Android Action Games
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Heir of Light 0.8.3

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Heir of Light APK Download by GAMEVIL - Android Action Games

Heir of Light – Are you ready to restore the light of the world when the darkness reigns in the realm? Heir of Light, a beautiful saga will take you to such an epic collection-themed RPG again! Go to embark yourself on a crusade with the hope of renewing what has been lost for all generations. Take your weapon out and begin your journey as an heir of light!

Heir of Light

Strategize and Unleash Your Power

This tactical RPG won’t let the enthusiasts be disappointed for the first try, especially when players can release their amazing Combo Skills that are super powerful beyond their expectation.

Use Master and Servant pairings to strike your enemies and gains countless points. Also, don’t miss a chance to find Runes for your character’s ultimate growth. This is the time when you can feel a big difference in your own power!

Try to pair up with a bunch of amazing Skills and Elements to combine them into one of the most strategic and incredible Crusade. Heir of Light is undoubtedly a group of heroes who have to collect and foster all five classes, from defending, striking to supporting features.

Heir of Light

Team-based Gameplay

Once getting in the game, as a player, you have the right to choose yourself all four different characters from the other five classes. Also, it’s best to strike Enoch to master the basic moves and tactics on how to fight in the battles. The first person you can experience is an archer and he’s kind of like the muscular man named Yorn in AoW.

As you know, the game is an RPG genre, but in fact, the players are allowed to take advantage of several masters at the same time in a totally different context. With Heir of Light, just get used to being a team-based and a tactical element.

One team consists of more than four masters, and it’s fine to summon more new masters during the battle if you like. Each of them owns its unique attribute and special skill sets as well as serves a different role in the whole team.

Heir of Light

Attractive graphics and 3D scenes

One of the best parts of the Heir of Light is its graphic element that is not only attractive but also promising. It depicts a great story in a fantastic 3D setting, just like an epic movie. You will get to enjoy the awesome visuals and incredible skill effects at the same time throughout the battles, or when you see the masters attacking the foes.

Besides, the in-game camera can be changed constantly so that you can enjoy the screen from various angles. And know what? You might get surprised as the graphics are well-mixed with the cool sound backgrounds, which just makes the game much better than ever.

Heir of Light

Heir of Light is now available on both iOS and Android platforms, so you can download the game APK or install it via Play Store on your Android device.

The game is not only another RPG but also an interactive movie where you can immerse in and enjoy your bizarre yet charming journey. Be the brightest light in the Darkness and shed it upon a world overtaken in the dark. It’s yours anyway, but before that, end the war!

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