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Atomic Super Lander APK Download by Crescent Moon Games - Android Arcade Games
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Atomic Super Lander 1.1.57

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Atomic Super Lander APK Download by Crescent Moon Games - Android Arcade Games

Atomic Super Lander – Are you ready for a cosmic demolition in a space game?

We all know how to prevent a large meteor from striking the Earth after completing the Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi movie, right? But now you must deal with loads of meteors heading for you, in 5, 10 or even 100 in one of the most recent action game of Crescent Moon Games – Atomic Super Lander!

Atomic Super Lander

So the doomsday is right upon us, and your beloved Earth is now on the edge of being bombarded by the alien creatures that could appear anywhere in space. Let’s gear up and fire them fiercely and blindly to get your name enlisted on the global highscore boards. This is truly the most desperate combat ever for us to fight for mankind’s survival!

Atomic Super Lander

Role plays a cosmic soldier and take advantage of different tricks of the flight in space, which may come in handy as it comes to battling your aliens. Don’t forget about increasing your nukes from the asteroid cores. What to do here is just make a smart flee and try to explode those rocks to stardust, heroes!

Atomic Super Lander

Atomic Super Lander features:

  • Huge combos of classic lander & platformer gameplay.
  • Amazing gameplay with a great sequence of actions in a surprisingly hostile environment.
  • Discover unlimited amount of asteroid.
  • High-quality cartoon graphics and cool animation.
  • A great abundance of spaceships appear to give you a hand in completing missions.
  • Gain achievement cards to exchange for an interactive cardhouse.
  • Fight against the other users on the global highscore boards.

Atomic Super Lander

Besides, Atomic Super Lander could make the users feel a bit loose at some times, but it will gradually trigger the players’ curiosity for sure. Especially, the spaceship controls remind you of those of ‘Asteroids’, apart from the eject button available for the game. By landing on the ground, the users can protect themselves by executing different moves: punching, jumping, throwing items…In the battle, just stand there and hit the button, on screen, and the explosive will be detonated.

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