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AION: Legions of War APK Download by NCSOFT - Android Strategy Games
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AION: Legions of War APK Download by NCSOFT - Android Strategy Games

AION: Legions of War is a fascinating 3D MMORPG. The game is a combination of traditional MMORPG and Strategy RPG. You will have to control a group of characters and make adventures with the bad guys and bring peace to the homeland. The graphics of the game bring a sense of familiarity to the player.

AION: Legions of War

Witness the mobile game revolution! AION: Legions of War is the first RPG strategy combining visceral gameplay, spectacular graphical console graphics, and massive battles to provide a great gaming experience on your phone. .

You will embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of a war devastating the Aion universe. You will experience a fascinating story with many wonderful, stimulating things. Play a gorgeous, engaging movie in the palm of your hand. You need to accumulate strength to lead the team battling players around the world and win glory!

AION: Legions of War

Background game revolves around the battle between the two forces are Angels and Devils. The galaxy was once a perfect place to live, but the conflicts between the different races led to war and now nothing else. And the galaxy in the game still has many secrets and mysteries to be solved. Players will be selected to join the Elyos and Asmodian wings. The game is not only MMORPG genre but also focus on turn-based tactical turn-based strategy. The task of the player is to collect a squad of warriors and direct them in the adventure of fighting.

AION: Legions of War

Each character will have special abilities, and you need to harness the power and turn them into invincible warriors. The game also has a variety of weapons and rewards that you can collect and use to counter your opponents. You will be provided with a cast of characters who are familiar with the role-playing games such as the Masters, Knights to recruit and provide new tactics for their squad.

AION: Legions of War

The graphics of the game are a highlight when it’s all built on top of the Unreal Engine 4 platform. You will feel the image, moving extremely true. The viewing angle of the game is quite free, and the player is free to change and choose the angle of view of the characters in the formation. The game is built with a variety of game modes such as PvE and PvP. You will feel quite competitive when exploring the mysterious world of the game through Adventure, or compare to other games to collect a wealth of valuable rewards.

AION: Legions of War Features:

  • Free download
  • Easy to play but it’s very hard to win.
  • Many exciting tasks
  • Different upgrades and bonuses
  • HD and 3D graphics with great sound effects
  • Dynamic and great lighting effects
  • Worldwide Leaderboards
  • Regular updates with new features
  • Connect with friends worldwide
  • Join the guild to fight with friends
  • Character customization system is unique and diverse.
  • Have MMORPG features such as: leveling up, gathering and enhancement of equipment, PvP, Guild, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Team Battle and Alliance war,…
  • Experience quality graphic quality, enjoy the great cutscenes, discover the spectacular heroes.
  • Discover more than 100 heroes like armored warriors, giant monster, giant cyborgs, and more.
  • Collect heroes and build an invincible corps. Accumulate strong tanks, terrifying damage dealer and healer protected from your Legion to dominate your enemies with powerful, overpowering strategy.
  • Harness the power of Awakening to transform your heroes, upgrade your hidden abilities, build team-based relationships.
  • Collect a variety of equipment, such as mythical weapons, armor and accessories.
  • Experience the fascinating, exclusive story of two race races, Elysea and Asmodae
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